Now, do the course and see the numbers work for you!

Business Calculations Simplified (Financial Literacy). The course will cover the book very closely. This course is similar to Finance for non-financial managers, but the focus is more on developing the basic skills required by anyone in business. It will prepare you with a toolkit of calculations and financial tools required in business. Once you understand how to perform the calculations, then we explain the more advanced aspects such as , Income statements, Balance sheets, and much more.

You have two course options:

1. The 2-day course, with the aim of being as practical as possible and applicable to the calculations that the delegate would use in his work environment.

2. The 2 hour Financial Motivation presentation.

You can attend a public course or arrange for an in-house course, specifically for your company.

The aim of the course is to create a combination of the following:

  • Eliminate the fear of numbers.
  • Create thinking skills using numbers.
  • Show how the use of calculations can enhance the quality of decisions.
  • Show how to understand and analyse management rather than financial accounts.
  • Develop a sound basis on which more complicated financial knowledge can be built.


When first published the Basic Business Calculations book was number 4 on the exclusive Books top 10 business bestsellers.

The book 'Basic Business Calculations' is available in the better book stores.